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Caesars Casino Review

Caesars Online Casino claims to offer the ultimate casino experience and promises to bring all the glamour and luxury of the famous Caesars Palace luxury casino on the Las Vegas Strip into the homes of millions of online casino users through their website.

From first logging-on to Caesars Online Casino you can see that they've had a good stab at recreating that big budget casino feel that you will only find in Vegas. A Progressive Jackpot Total greets you on the homepage of their site, which shows a rolling total that stood at well over two million pounds when this reviewer last logged on. I'm guessing that this was a daily total - as some of the other big name online casinos claim to distribute prize money in excess of £20 million every month, and for this casino to truly capture the essence of Vegas you'd expect it to not only better that total, but totally eclipse it.

Caesars Casino Bonus & Promotional Offers

Caesars also offers an immediate welcome bonus of up to £500 when you sign-up with them online. To take advantage of this offer you need to wager 100 times the initial amount of your deposit by playing any of the games offered in the casino. Once you've made your wagers, Caesars Casino deposits your 100% sign-up bonus of up to £500. In comparison to the other online casino sign-up bonuses, this is one of the best, and is an amount truly worthy of a Vegas blowout.

Caesars Casino Games

Caesars offer a fine selection of games to the user. These include all the casino staples such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, Slot Machines, Video Poker, Car and Table games as well as some extra games like Scratch Cards and Virtual Horse Racing.

One area that Caesars Casino excels in is their range of Blackjack games. You can choose to play a standard game of Classic 21 or choose a Blackjack variation, such as multi-hand Blackjack or Crazy Blackjack, where players get to place various bets on multiple hands in the same game. Variations like this does make you feel like you're not just playing in any online casino, and it does capture an essence of the extremes of Vegas where literally anything goes.

Joining Caesars Casino

Joining in on the casino is simple; all you need to do is create an account on their website, which is a very simple sign-up process that shouldn't take up more than a couple of minutes. Next you'll be prompted to download the Caesars Online Casino application, which you can save to your PC. Then you're ready to play.

Other Features with Caesars Casino

Two of the more interesting additional features that you'll find in the casino are the 'VIP area', which allows you to access an exclusive part of the casino, offering bonus games and special big money prizes. There is also the 'Happy Hour' bonus, which happens on the last day of each month in the evenings between seven and nine o'clock. These 'happy hours' take the form of depositing at least £50 during these times to receive an extra 10% bonus on top of the initial amount. The deposit is awarded immediately, which means you can spend you're extra money as soon as you like.

Caesars casino - online blackjack

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Caesars casino - online blackjack